Clouds ­ 2008
Partition module

Thermo compressed foam and fabric, coinjected rubberband
500 x 10 x 300 mm

Kvadrat A/S
Lundbergvej 10 8400 Ebeltoft Denmark
T +45 8953

The project Clouds is a natural continuation of North Tiles that was created in 2006 for Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat in order to develop a new, modular wall system out of the textile material. Clouds is a fabric-based modular system.

The original idea was to make a solution that was very
easy to install. We developed a new fixing system of special elastic bands to specifically meet this goal. Not only the evocative space-shaping Clouds can be assembled with a simple click but this simple click system expressly allows maximum freedom of configuration. Indeed, Clouds is meant to be an organically composed structure that grows like a plant, freely – even chaotically, since the only controls are the color palette of the modules and their 3D surface aesthetics. Clouds offers a variety of options as the assembled elements can be hung on walls or from the ceiling to divide the environment. The system’s infinite possibilities offer complete freedom in creating customized pieces.

The textural materials of Clouds are inviting to the touch and have significant impact on sound in our rooms. For us, this project is the continuity of our design research about reintroducing the textile element into our environment to make it warm and calm.
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