Kvadrat new showroom in Copenhagen ­ 2009
Pakhus 48, Frihavnen,
Klubiensvej 22
2100 Copenhagen
Kvadrat A/S
Lundbergvej 10 8400 Ebeltoft Denmark
T +45 8953

After several years of close collaboration, Kvadrat asked us to conceive a second showroom, situated in an older industrial building of Copenhagen harbor. As the first showroom in Stockholm was the starting point for the development of the North Tiles, this new space needed to integrate the Clouds i
n its architecture.

The direct view onto the sea and the open windows on both sides of the long hall-like space seduced us immediately and guided us in the conception and organization of the different areas.
Our main idea was to occupy the space without intervening onto the walls, just like nomads would settle in a new place. Plain rehabilitation and white paint would help the light diffusing from one window to another, with no wall to stop it.

Then the complexity was to organize harmoniously both working and showroom activities in an open space. We suggested building wide wooden boxes so as to delimitate the working areas and the meeting room. Open on the top, with various heights, the room-like boxes would be recovered by fabric on inner faces, thus creating calm, warm and isophonic areas for people at work.
The showroom itself would be openly stretched on one side, using hangers and Steelwood shelves to show the fabrics in a simple way.

A large Clouds motorized wall opens and closes with a touch of a switch. When necessary, it splits the space between the showroom and the office area, while softening the general acoustics when stored along a side wall.

At first sight, only appear geometric abstract shapes of fabric and wood. Details seem to have disappeared, like erased or hidden inside the boxes and behind the walls. A very peculiar atmosphere derives from this soft abstraction as a kind of visual calm emanates from the place, almost destabilizing.

Wood : Douglas Pin
Fabric : Kvadrat collection
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