A-Poc Boutique ­ 2000
Store design

Corian®, painted steel, wool, polyurethane floor, glass
Surface 120 m˛

Issey Miyake
5 Place des Vosges 75004 Paris, France /A poc Boutique : 47 rue des Francs Bourgeois 75 004 Paris 01-44-54-07-05
T (+1) 44545600 (+1) 44545600
F (+1) 42773808

« The A-POC space in Paris was conceived of as a support: to carry the clothes and accessories of a collection that changes and evolves every six months. The very open principle allows the space to have a different image over the course of time.
The framework is a Corian® structure that runs along
the walls and the ceiling. It is composed of three horizontal bars, a traditional one at the height of a clothes rail, one higher and one lower. The ceiling is criss-crossed with bars that primarily serve to carry the clothes on hangers. The heads of the hangers are hidden at the back of the bar. Then, a series of accessories, which are also placed on the framework, allows you to arrange other elements in a different way: big vertical metal plaques act as boards to which the clothes have been attached with magnets; horizontal plates hold clothes laid out flat, and also shoes or bags. Finally a play of little coloured plaques enables a form of punctuatation for the whole arrangement, allowing a distinction between the different ranges.
The curtains of the changing rooms are made up of a set of upholstered strips. They make the space of the changing rooms gentler, almost sound-proofed. “

Extracts from the book “ Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec” released by Phaidon in 2003.
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