Assemblages Exhibition, April 2004 ­ 2004
Furniture collection

Corian®, bodywork paint, polyamide, leather, aluminium, steel, copper, fluorescent light source with dimmer, Algues
Assemblage 1:
1500 x 2100 x 1280 mm
Assemblage 2:
2700 x 980 x 1620 mm
Assemblage 3:
1200 x 950 x 2080 mm
Assemblage 4:
2560 x 2000 x 1800 mm
Assemblage 5:
2550 x 1500 x 1800 mm

Each limited edition in 8 pieces + 2 A. P. + 2 Prototypes
Numbered & signed pieces

Kreo Gallery, Paris
31 Rue Dauphine, 75006 Paris - France 14A Hay Hill – London, W1J 8NZ – UK
T +33 1 53 10 23 00

"Assemblages" is a collection of 5 pieces where the same elements are used quite systematically, while playing more freely with finishes, colors and dimensions.
Starting from the floor, we lay a kind of "stone" or pedestal : a volume made of a metal bent, bordering a corian or leather flat surface.
These "stones" exist in three dimensions, a flat long one, a little thicker square one, finally a high volume. To these bases laid by each of the "stone", we add a luminous box, a lamp, a tablet and a kind of bowl. These additional elements are made out of metal, then some of their surfaces are lacquered or leather-clad. The lacquer is the one used in the automotive sector - ultra shiny or deep mate, sometimes colorful, or on the contrary white.

Our idea was to build pieces of furniture meant to "host" objects that one would lay on them. We wanted that in the same piece of furniture, each of its elements would provide a different "quality" or atmosphere, in order to fit the specifity of each object that one would expose in it.
Some of the objects would be illuminated, or laid on a leather surface ; some would have a white background or on the opposite would be inside a colored box. These furnitures are like collectors, keen on showing and taking care of their objects.
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